The group companies implement full-cycle construction and maintenance facilities for industrial facilities in the Baltics and the Nordic countries. The planning of the construction process is performed in accordance with the requirements of regulatory enactments, internationally recognized quality, environmental and work safety standards, and / or local work regulations. When performing works, we use solutions that ensure service quality control and efficiency of the construction process. Experienced specialists work in accordance with construction technologies, use professional construction tools and solutions. We work only with quality materials that meet the customer's quality and environmental requirements.

In 2010, the company started operating by providing price-appropriate and high-quality construction services. Experience expanded the competence of the technical team, improved construction processes and daily work. The company's team was complemented by experienced and responsible industry specialists. By jointly implementing complex construction projects, new construction disciplines were mastered, innovative technologies and new solutions were introduced.

The diversity of cooperation partners is equal to the diversity of the activities of the group companies.
We work with private clients, local and international companies, municipal and state institutions. We accomplish construction plans for construction companies, industrial facilities and other type of partners. We promote cooperation with industry professionals, partners and competitors. We create cooperation that is based on trust, honesty and mutual respect.

In order to guarantee quality of  services provided we systematically improve  work planning and work performance processes. Special attention is paid to project management, quality control and work safety. Continuous construction processes increase efficiency and reduce project costs. We make promises that are accordingly delivered.