Our manpower solutions are of high quality with a focus on industrial maintenance and insulation services. The work is performed by experienced industry professionals with a high sense for quality and responsobility. Services are provided independently or under client supervision.

Our manpower solutions are useful in complex projects and challenging environments with a demand for work safety and quality. Our personnel have international experience and professional skill certificates.

FORTTEK's core value are people. We have a responsibility to take care of the health of our employees and to provide a safe working environment that promotes people's well-being. Our company employs more than 100 assembly, construction and production specialists who will provide the necessary support and solutions. Company team is used to working internationally and keeps improving work planning and communication skills. From industry beginners who need to gain experience to professionals who know how to share their knowledge with others. We are home for industry professionals and we invite you to join our friendly team by filling out application form in our careers page.

FORTTEK pays special attention to an orderly work environment and safe working methods. We continue to improve work safety measures, because there can not be too much work safety. Employees performing their professional duties must be trained and well prepared to perform quality work in a safe manner. Company invests in professional development of its employees. Skill development and knowledge trainings are promoted by us. We organise trainings programs developed internally, as well as professional training programmes organised by third parties.

Our priority is good health and well-being of FORTTEK employees. Employees undergo regular health examinations that supports conditions for a healthy and safe working environment. We have a responsibility to ensure that our family members and friends welcome us home healthy and intact.

Equipment, tools and machinery play important roles in the work processes. Our long-term experience helps us to choose the best tools for the task at hand. We provide all the necessary tools and equipment to help our employees perform their tasks quickly, efficiently and safely.